YO! Alahoyus!  I've been trying to do this for SO long now.  I've put together this site so that I'd have a spot for my art, my bad movie reviews, and my podcast.  I've made pages for all the old stuff.  Every episode of Rocknowledgy is linked here.  I'm constantly updating the Bad/Awesome Flixxx Review but there were a LOT of them, so it'll take a while to catch up.  I'm trying to debut a new podcast and a new review at the same time this site debuts so if they are not up now, they will be very soon.  Plus i'll be posting all my art for sale on here as well.  Keep up to date with VT stuff on the news tab and feel free to contact me here.  All super easy.  Thanks for giving a crap.  MORE SOON!!!

Gerald Abernethy