Bad/Awesome Flixxx Review: Walking Tall part 2 (1975)

"Now you listen to me Dobson, and you listen good. That sonofabitch, whereeva they got him hid out healin up there, he shows himself back in McNairy County- you had better find some way for him to have the kind of accident you failed at or I'm tellin' you Pinky Dobson there ain't enough piney woods in the whole of Tennessee for you to continue in the whiskey business once me and my partners say you're outta business. You understand?" - Mr Witter

"Buford, what are we talking about cooking whiskey for, when all we wanna know is what we're gonna do about getting those bastards shot you and your wife?" - Dept. Grady

"You better not touch that engine Pusser, that's a 12,000 dollar motor in there- you sumbitch!" - Stud Pardee

The sequel to WALKING TALL, this one changes up the lead from Joe Don Baker to Bo Svenson who actually looks a lot like the real Buford Pusser. Other than that this is just the further adventures of what really happened to Tennessee most famous ass kicking lawman. Certain things stray from the truth, but with this one they actually tried to play it more to the way things actually went down. Mysteriously the real Pusser was killed during the making of this film, allowing them to make a part three. Bruce Glover and Bo Svenson in WALKING TALL PART 2!!!

This one begins with Obra (a different actor playing him as well) and Grady talking with Buford's dad and some other dudes wondering if Buford will seek re-election or retribution. Then Buford's mom and kids visit him in the hospital where he's still recovering with his face still in a cast. This could possibly be a "Hollywood" explanation for why he looks different from the actor in the first film. The real Buford suffered severe deformity in his face after the attack that killed his wife (that happened at the end of the first film). Buford is then reelected but doesn't go seeking revenge just yet. He plays it business as usual and figures that the ones who tried to take him out would come after him again and so he starts rounding up the moonshiners. 
Knowing full well that there was someone who was masterminding all this moonshining, someone possibly going all the way back to Nashville and possibly connected to local politics, Buford follows leads and investigates his own case checking friends of those that he identified from the car chase in the other flick. Sure enough one of them was still bootlegging in McNairy county, and he just so happens to be getting away in a speedboat every time Buford comes to bust them. Now this dude, Pinky Dobson is answering to a dude named Whitter who is a heavy in Nashville and a familiar face that told Buford to lay off in the first film. Whitter is visited by Dobson and Whitter reams him out and tells him to get his shit together and kill Buford or else. He is also pissed that Pinky brought is dimwitted friend along. Meanwhile Whitter also hires this chick to infiltrate Buford's office and eventually seduce and lure him into a trap. 
Buford buys an extra car because those dudes are always "fixing" his car with bombs and loosening the tires on them and almost making him die. Pinky hires a racecar driver to 'do' Buford in. He tries the tire, he tries a long chase, and then Buford gets a warrant and tears his car all to hell. Then he busts his dad's friend to show this black moonshiner that he's not being biased. Then they let Pinky get away again. Then he lets Obra go change to another new car. Obra gets it up to 100 mph and discovers the breaks are gone and suddenly one of Buford's oldest friends is dead. 
Then the chick tries to kill Buford at a cottage with some snipers in a boat. Buford is onto her. Then the sheriff in another county helps Buford trick the race car dude into a chase with Buford. Its a wild one and the driver flips his car and gasoline is leaking all over him. Just before it blows up he gets him to confess that it was Pinky who paid him off. So they go after some moonshiners but have a trap set for Pinky. He flips his boat and goes to the hospital. His hot redhead girlfriend helps him escape. Then there's another chase to catch Pinky. Buford shoots Pinky and his girl rats out Pinky's dumb friend and Mr. Whitter. They go to a boarding house where the dumb friend is and get in another shootout. Buford gets shot again, but kills the dummy and then he tells Grady, "let's go get the fat asshole in Nashville". Then he's taken away in an ambulance. So I guess that is where "THE FINAL CHAPTER" comes in. Then they tell you that Buford Pusser was killed in an "accident". But that is was unknown what had happened. Good shit. I like Joe Don Baker, but Bo Svenson was pretty awesome. I guess I'll be watching part tres soon. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gerald Abernethy