Bad/Awesome Flixxx Review: Leprechaun: In The Hood (2000)

"A friend with weed is a friend indeed, but a friend with gold is the best I'm told." - Leprechaun

"Hey you, you listen to me. You don't wanna fuck with me, okay? I hope you had sex last night, 'cause I'm gonna come over there and I'm gonna cut off your dick, then I'm gonna feed it to my pit, then I'm gonna burn the shit when it comes out my goddam dog's ass, you hear me? Don't fuck with me, bitch!" - Mack Daddy

"I ain't with that "save the fucking hood" bullshit, "treat your girl right", that shit is wack. All right? This label, we rap about Uzis, blowing motherfuckers' heads off. Know what I'm saying? "Smack your bitch up", "Shoot your motherfucking homeboy in the face", type shit. All right?" - Mack Daddy

Here ya go! The straight to video, 5th installment of the Leprechaun franchise- but probably the BEST/WORST one- if you can believe it. Well, that may be horseshit, because as I type this, I've never even seen "LEP BACK 2 THA HOOD", which i THINK is #6. But regardless, if you love stoner trash, this is for you. Warwick Davis and Ice T in LEPRECHAUN: IN THE HOOD!!!

This one begins with 2 dudes in the 70s digging around in a sewer and looking for treasure from a map they have. One is pissed at the other for bringing him down there. Then they bust through a wall and find a little statue and a bucket of gold. One guy with a huge afro grabs a golden flute and tells the other to grab the rest. Then the other guy takes and amulet off of the statue and the little guy comes to life creeping around and annihilates the guy. Then as he's getting ready to kill the other dude- Mack Daddy, somehow the amulet falls back around his head and he turns back into a statue. 

Fast forward to present day and three shitty rappers are trying to get into this rap contest in Vegas and win it and then get a record deal. By chance they find themselves in front of Mack Daddy, the head of some record label that he started with the gold he stole from the Leprechaun 20 years earlier. He asks them to come have a meeting with him. This conflicts with the message that the leader of the three, Postmaster P wants to give. But Mack Daddy isn't having any bullshit. He wants killing and uzis, and the conflict of whether or not to sell out causes pause with the band. Mack Daddy is impatient and tells them to get the fuck out. They get pissed at each other and eventually and reluctantly decide to rob him. They accidentally free the Leprechaun and split out fast. The Leprechaun beats the hell out of Mack Daddy and tells him to get his flute back or die. 

The Leprechaun chases the boys around town, hunting them down at a church and killing the preacher, killing a transvestite, killing the asian guy at the market who hates them, and they barely escape each time. But they begin to get a following by playing the flute. Little do they know that every time they blow into it, it alerts their whereabouts to the Leprechaun. When he catches them he makes Stray the loudmouth one shoot himself in the mouth. The other dudes are bummed, but they devise a plan to get him back. 

The fat virgin rapper and postmaster p dress up like chicks and go to the hotel where the Leprechaun and his "zombie fly girls" live. They go upstairs and get the Leprechaun to smoke a joint that has clover in it. It makes him pass out long enough for them to steal the flute back and split. When they get downstairs, Mack Daddy kills the virgin and then the Leprechaun comes down for the final showdown. I'll let you figure out the ending for yourself if you're so inclined. Should you watch this one? I usually watch stuff like this more than once if its really funny to me, but this one isn't all THAT funny. It's not essential, but good/bad either way. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gerald Abernethy